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In the first place we are very happy to announce the creation of Embroidery Magazine – online store for ebooks and magazines. As a matter of fact, it has been a very long journey before we can make that decision. Once found the courage and time, the right moment just appeared and we have grabbed it with both hands.

Secondly, we are willing to build the biggest library dedicated to the world of embroidery in its variety and beauty, together with you. Furthermore, you can help us by sharing books and materials from your country which we can refresh and convert into digital format. Of course we will prize your efforts but your involvement will be highly appreciated.

Third, this is not a static website dedicated to the embroidery and stitches but it is also interactive place. Here you can meet all authors and artists behind the scene and additionally join to our Facebook groups. Moreover, you can publish your needle works and enjoy all positive reaction of the members.


To summarize, please be aware that Embroidery Magazine has been created to bring harmony into our hearts, peace of mind and meditation. Together we can also form the biggest embroidery community in the world with the riches library. This will be our gift and heritage for the next generations to come, no matter of our origin and cultural believes.

Have a very wonderful time in our online store for embroidery ebooks and magazines!

There is nothing more mystical and magical than the world of Embroidery Art. Ancient symbols and knowledge is hidden behind them and this is what we are willing to reveal. Let's do it together!
Georgi Markov
Each stitch is a cross that gathers ancient and modern, male and female, canvas and weft, which intersect and cross to embroider the eternal fairy tale for Human, Space and Universe.
Elisaveta Jordanova


It could be found in Fairy Tales Embroidery [part 1], p.87, 2019

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